Testimonials about A Cup of Coaching

A Cup of Coaching has a proven track record of helping individuals, couples, families and professionals improve their relationships. Find a life coach who can help you wake up celebrating!

You saved my entire world!
— Husband, father
Thank you, Cheri. I am beyond blessed by you! Thank you for coming into my world and literally helping God change me! I am willing, I am
— Wife, mom
Cherí is a dynamic and straightforward teacher with a message for couples growing up in an age of prioritized convenience. Being a good spouse and a good parent is not always easy or instant, but definitely achievable for those willing to work at it. I needed these tools, and have used Cherí’s lessons in my own personal life, to help strengthen my family and grow into the role that God made for me- as a husband and father.
— U.S. Navy SEAL chief
In a military family, parenting can be hard. In a military family, as the wife of a Navy SEAL, parenting can be even more challenging! Luckily, I sat in on one of Cherí’s workshops and learned practical skills and techniques at helping me to become a better parent. I loved hearing Cherí’s personal experiences and could totally relate (except for having eleven children)!
— U.S. Navy SEAL spouse
From the moment I met Cheri Bollmann, I knew we would be friends. We are soul-mates on many levels but none more heartfelt than our passion
for the importance of family. The mother of eleven, Cheri is a veteran of conflict resolution, communication styles, emotional healing, and
tenacious love. She has the gift of being able to see beyond the problems to the possibilities. Cheri has truly lived what she preaches! Glean all you can from her.
— Terry (wife, mother, tv personality)
Cheri has a way of bringing together so many components of parenting and making sense of it all. Her passion for learning, coupled with her dynamic personal life experience, provides for a profound perspective on child development, physiological processes, and understanding temperaments. Every time I leave Cheri’s classes I am equipped with new life changing tools that allow me to parent more effectively ... every time!
— Bethany (wife, mother, founder non-profit and public speaker)
Cherí gave a moving talk to our Del Sol chapter of National Charity League; an organization who’s mission is to foster the mother/daughter relationship through community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. Sharing her experiences with her blended family she left them wanting more. Her insights into the struggles of all families and her kind nature delivered an extraordinary message of the strength of relationships through patience and love.
— Mary
I’ve tried therapy several times through the years and really had no noticeable result. Because Cheri is SO knowledgeable and insightful, and has a way of explaining things in a way I can really understand, after just a few times with her, I feel like she’s unraveling decades worth of self-denying, codependent patterns without ever even using that word. Whether in crisis, navigating a complex situation, or just wanting to uncover and be your best, most free and joyful self, I’d put Cheri on speed-dial.
— Laurie (marketing director)