Training Experience

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy:  "Bridging the Couple Chasm - A Research Based Approach."
  • Siegel-Gottman Summit:  "The science behind how the brain develops and is shaped through relationships."
  • Vital Smarts - Crucial Conversations: "The skills used by top performers to build relationships, create agreement, and bring the best ideas to the surface."
  • Parent Instructor, "Love and Logic" Parenting Technique
  • Parent Instructor, Beyond Consequences Institute


  • Oprah, featured as an "Extraordinary Family"
  • Good Morning America, featured as an "Amazing Family"
  • ABC Family, "My Life is a Sitcom" reality show
  • CBN, 700 Club WVEC - featured story


  • Human Rights Award, Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission
  • Foster Parents of the Year, Virginia Foster Care Association
  • Parents Day Award, American Coalition of Virginia
  • Bollmann Day, as declared by the Virginia Beach Mayor

Meet Cherí 

"Every day, you can wake up celebrating. It's not impossible; it's intentional." As a mother of 11 children, life coach Cherí Bollmann knows that life's challenges and joys are about our willingness to welcome change.  

Cherí is a veteran public speaker with experience on the local, state, and national levels. From the Freddie Mac Foundation to state foster parent and homeschool organizations, from national television talk shows to support groups and church pulpits, Cherí insightfully communicates with passion and effectiveness.  She addresses the issues of life and relationships from a perspective few have experienced, and has always come to a conclusion of hope and triumph. As a keynote speaker, Cherí will leave you and your audience with fresh insight, a renewed hope, and a realistic expectation that the best is yet to come.

Cherí's passion for celebrating victories began on the fields of her high school sports teams as she received All-Conference awards. As a freshman at the University of Southern Mississippi, Cherí coached basketball to young girls in a rural country school, and then later at high schools in San Diego and Virginia.

Cherí became ombudsman at the command of her husband Dave, a now retired Navy SEAL. She was commissioned to speak on behalf of military wives and families to their attached commands. Due to the long deployments of many of these special forces, Cherí launched a command woman's softball team to help build cohesiveness, friendships, and support networks for the wives — which continued to run for many years. To meet the needs of young children and their mothers, Cherí also began a play group called M.O.M. (Mothers on the Move). She continued her own sports activities by playing volleyball in the local two-man beach tournaments and rec leagues.  

After choosing to homeschool four children of her children (requiring patience and time management skills), Cherí began an educational support group at her church. Sensitive to the needs and struggles of other parents, she was able to help them identify the educational needs of their children.

In an expression of love and faith for their neighbors, Cherí and her husband began a neighborhood outreach which 40-70 children attended weekly. Activities included rock climbing, rope courses, conferences, and Bible study. 

Find out more about Cherí family's journey of adoption, see her family photos, listen to her speak, and get to know someone who will love to help you wake up celebrating.



Meet Dave

Dave is a retired Navy SEAL and proud veteran. Even after retirement, he continued his commitment to protect and serve his country by working as an independent contractor with both government and civilian organizations. Dave wasn’t content with standard retirement activities and became an off-road triathlete as well as an adventure racer, competing in treacherous mountain terrains with his 11 children.

A frequent phrase, “Don’t tell your mother,” became his mantra. Inspired by Young Life Family Camps, life coaches Dave and Cherí started a weekly neighborhood outreach. Here, he imparted discipline, resilience, and teamwork by organizing weekend outings, which includedrock climbing, rope courses, whitewater rafting, paintball tournaments, and a self-constructed mini obstacle course. Dave uses his experiences as a veteran, husband, father, grandfather, friend, and mentor to inspire others to live with honor, purpose, and service to family, to country, and to God.