Relationship Coaching

It is emotional intimacy that creates resiliency, empowering you to live your destiny.

Love and Connect More Deeply to Yourself

  • Create a strong, unshakable sense of self
  • Sustain personal health and well-being
  • Enhance self worth & acceptance, and gain unwavering confidence

      identity,  choice, freedom, joy, peace, understanding, processing … and much more! 

Love and Connect More Deeply to Others

  • Develop and sustain strong, healthy, secure attachment bonds — parent/child, adult/adult
  • Manage conflicts and repair relational ruptures
  • Navigate even the toughest relationships — at home and at work

      boundaries, forgiveness, communication, empathy, compassion … and much more! 

Love and Connect More Deeply with God

  • Awaken to the full, unconditional love and goodness of God
  • Learn to rest in ultimate trust
  • Understand the significance and extraordinary power of hope

      faith, source, presence, power, purpose, grace, mercy, eternity … and much more! 

Life Coaching

Helping people move forward and set personal and professional goals with structure and support. 
  • Manage stress; regulate emotions and behaviors
  • Develop skill sets;  achieve and sustain goals
  • Learn toview failure as a friend and use adversity to your advantage

      integrity, perspective, vigilance, growth, adventure, success, high risks … and much more! 

Operation Safe Heart™ Curriculum and Seminar 

Joining together her experience and study, Cherí developed an innovative relationship program, Operation Safe Heart™.

Cherí teaches this intensive training with a light-hearted infusion of personal stories, joy, and humor, along with Dave’s experience as a NavySEAL. Operation Safe Heart™ instills resilience, commitment, and a profound sense of purpose.

singles  couples  premarital   parents  family  friends military  business  church  organization … and more!