Intimacy!  Resiliency!  Destiny!

As a powerhouse couple, Dave and Cherí Bollmann have been married for 32 years and are united in their passion to see relationships transformed. Both have been certified and trained in the nation’s foremost personal and business relationship techniques. A Cup of Coaching uses an interdisciplinary and holistic approach—all branches of science, neuroscience, experience, faith, and beyond—that impact the body, soul, and spirit. Their life coaching will equip you to:

Strengthen your sense of self

Create, repair, and renew your important and personal relationships

Lead an amazing, fulfilling life




From relationship coaching to life coaching, plus Operation Safe Heart™ Curriculum and Seminars, our life coaches are here to equip and strengthen your sense of self and relationships.

Events & Booking

From small group sessions (6 minimum) to large conferences, our life coaches bring the message of Intimacy, Resiliency & Destiny to your business, group, or church.


"Attending the parenting cell and sitting under Cheri’s teaching has been inspiring, encouraging, and life changing. The information is so valuable and useful. Cheri’s passion for families is unmatched and contagious!"

- Jenny


Featured On

  • Oprah: featured as an "Extraordinary Family"
  • Good Morning America: featured as an "Amazing Family"
  • ABC Family: "My Life is a Sitcom" reality show
  • CBN: "700 Club" – WVEC featured story